Youth sports activities are extensively carried out

1. Give full play to the demonstration and driving role of the national youth "future star" sunshine sports conference.

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In the cold (summer) holiday, the national youth "star of the future" sunshine sports conference was held, and the main venue was set up and the provinces (district and city) were set up to realize the

national linkage. Encourage sports, education, the communist youth league and other departments at all levels and make full use of social forces to sports venues, parks, outdoor camp, youth palace and the

women's and children's activity center and other places, youth sports contests and display, outdoor sports, sports games, sports skill training, constitution monitoring and scientific fitness fitness

guidance and service activities.

2. Extensively carry out youth sports activities and competitions.

It publishes regular youth sports events and competition plans. Country should make full use of rivers and lakes, mountains, desert and grassland and other unique natural resource advantages, to carry out

sports activities in accordance with adolescent physical and mental characteristics, the force to build in track and field, swimming, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and martial arts projects such as

the national traditional sports project school league, the national youth league, the national youth sports club continue to conduct outdoor sports camp summer (winter) the camp, and other traditional

games and activities. Regional sports competitions and activities connected with the above events should be organized in accordance with local conditions.

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At all levels, education and sports departments should perfect and standardize the system of students' sports competition, and improve the sports competition system of national, provincial, municipal and

county level students. Unimpeded student athletes into professional sports teams and teams at all levels, sports special students and high-level athletes enter the school channel. Support special youth

groups to participate in sports activities.

3. Improve the quality of school sports activities.

S perfect physical education curriculum setting, deepen teaching reform, extensive student sunshine sports, to cultivate teenagers hobbies and sports skills, vigorously promote the school, family, social

parties to cooperate, ensure that primary and secondary school students campus physical exercise 1 hour a day. We will vigorously organize youth sports activities aimed at enhancing students' physique and

will quality, popularizing sports knowledge and skills, and cultivating sports interests and hobbies.

The comprehensive implementation of the national physical health standards for students, guide students to take active physical exercise, cultivate lifelong sports awareness and habits. Actively promote

the implementation of extracurricular sports activities and paid service activities; Explore the establishment of public sports venues, social organizations, colleges and universities, sports clubs and

other institutions to carry out extracurricular sports activities.

4. Vigorously develop youth football.

Harvard maker centered learning program Victoria Educational Organisation cordially invited Dr. Edward Clapp, Principal Investigator at Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education to introduce n early childhood specific framework that supports maker-centred learning.

In order to carry out the youth campus football as the foundation, strengthen the youth campus football characteristic school construction. We will build a system of youth campus football competition,

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