The seven departments: by 2020 youth sports training habits basic form.

Recently, the general administration of sports, the ministry of education, the central government, and national development and reform commission, the ministry of civil affairs, ministry of finance, the

communist youth league central 7 departments jointly issued by the youth sports activities to promote plan (plan) is put forward six development goals, seven major tasks, to attract a wider range of

teenagers to participate in sports activities and promote the physical and mental health of teenagers, and fitness. What is it?The new polyu e admission portal is a one-stop platform aimed at handling applications of university degree courses. With PolyU e Admission, the application process is refined into three simple steps.

By the year 2020, the general awareness of sports participation in young people is generally enhanced, and physical exercise habits are basically formed. The forms of youth sports activities are more

varied and richer, and the physical health condition is obviously improved. Linkage effect of the family, school, community, continue to enhance, to carry out sports activities of the security condition is

more perfect, form a government-led, department cooperation smooth, strong social activity to further strengthen the youth sports work.

Youth sports activities are flourishing.

The national teenagers "future star" sunshine sports meeting to the leading role of youth sports activities enhanced obviously, with three big ball, track and field, swimming, ice and snow and national

traditional sports as the focus, the popularity of sports in adolescent to further improve, youth sports to further strengthen international exchanges and cooperation.

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Sports class earnestly safeguard, exercise every day 1 hour and strictly implemented, extracurricular sports activities were extensively developed, and the youth sports skills continue to improve the

training quality and performance, the basic implementation teenagers master 1 sport skills, physical health standard of students is above 25%.

Youth sports organizations have grown stronger.

The type of youth sports organization is continuously enriched, the scale is expanding, the layout is more balanced, and the service and development ability are obviously strengthened. The national

demonstration youth sports club has reached 300, with 12,000 youth sports clubs at all levels, and one youth sports club for every 20,000 teenagers. There are 15,000 schools of traditional sports at all

levels. Youth sports organizations cover townships (streets), urban communities and qualified rural communities.

The facilities for youth sports facilities have been significantly improved.

Each city (ground) establishes more than one youth sports activity center and youth outdoor sports camp, each county (district) has set up the special youth sports facilities. Public sports facilities and

conditional school sports facilities are open to young people.

The training of youth sports instructors is extensive.

To train 3000 members of the sports school, youth sports club and youth outdoor sports camp; To train 5000 teachers of national and provincial sports traditional programs; The training of grassroots sports

instructors 100,000 times. We will energetically carry out training programs for all kinds of youth sports instructors.

The research and popularization of adolescent scientific fitness have been remarkable.

The system carries out the research on the theory and method of scientific fitness, the field facilities and the sports equipment. The popularization and promotion activities of adolescent scientific

fitness are generally carried out.

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